About Violetann Tarot

  • My name is Jennifer Claire Black, but I go by my craft name, Violetann.

    I'm a Tarot reader, psychic, and Pagan Witch with a passion for helping others uncover their inner truth and connect with their spirituality.

    I choose to use my spirtual name while praticing spiritualy. It is a tradiction in wicca and other pagan religons to choose a craft or spirtual name for yourelf when you start your spiritual path as a witch or a pagan.

  • Violetann Tarot

My Story so far..

My first memory of connecting to spirit and divination was around the age of 4, when my brother visited me as a spirit and taught me how to connect with the spirit world and helped me in my daily life.

From that moment, I have been honing my psychic and mediumship abilities.

I came from a family that embraced connection to spirit and I got my first Tarot Deck around 8 years old. It was around that time when became passionate with learning about as many religons as I could and found witchcraft and paganism. I formaly choose to become pagan when I was early teenager.

I studied games programming at univerity and became a web developer/programmer as a career but around 2019 I started my tarot youtube channel and started reading psychicly profesionaly part-time.

In 2022 I choose to walk way from my full-time job as a programmer and focus on reading profeshionaly full time as well as expanding social media and realising my first book 'The Book of Love'.

I still enjoy programming part-time freelance but my real passion and sense of forfilment comes from doing psychic readings and helping others to explore their psychic ablities.

  • LEO

    Sun Sign: Leo

    confidence, charisma, and courage


    Moon Sign: Pisces

    empathy, intuitive, artistic, spiritual


    Rising: Pisces

    gentle, intuitive, and sensitive

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My Hobbies

I am also a lover of technology, video games, and all things spiritual and psychic and anything a bit wierd. I enjoy visiting spiritualist churches for services, and I am always seeking new ways to deepen my connection with the divine.

  • I can't wait to share my gifts with you and offer insight and understanding through Tarot reading and psychic abilities.

    I hope you enjoy exploring my articles and videos!

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