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Book Of Love: Divine Messages of Love - Love Oracle Answer Book (Oracle Answer Books)

Book Of Love: Divine Messages of Love - Love Oracle Answer Book (Oracle Answer Books)

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Divine Messages of Love - Love Oracle Answer Book
Want to find a Love message from your soulmate, Twin flame or that special person on your mind?
The Book Of Love has over 200 pages of love messages for you. This Is a divination tool to help you find the spiritual answers you seek.

Full Description

How is he thinking about you

?Is it true love?

Is she the one?

How do they feel about you right now?

why haven't they called?

This divination book tool will help you to connect to the universe and clarify your burning questions about your love life or relationships with their deep messages from their soul.

The perfect gift for those looking for new perspectives and spiritual enlightenment in their love life...these simply but amazingly accurate love messages help to give you insight into your love.

Ideal gift for those who love tarot, oracle answer books, pendulums or oracle cards then you will love this.


Ask your Guides, Gods or Spirits of the Highest good to help guide you to the answers you seek.

Simply hold the closed book in your hands and think of the person and the connection you want to ask about. connect in with the energy of the love connection

While you visualising the love connection or say their names out load, connect with the book with your hands and stroke the edge of the pages with the book closed.

When you sense the time is right or drawn to a page, open to that page and read the love message.

Pro Tip!for best results know the name or initials of the person and their date or birth or star sign for more help guiding you.always ask your your gods and spirits of the highest good to help you gain the most helpful message for you!

Beautiful book with over 200 spiritually guiding love message, The Book of Love is a brilliant and original gift for anyone who loves divination or the spiritual side of life.

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