The Top 10 Accurate Tarot and Astrology Readers on YouTube

The Top 10 Accurate Tarot and Astrology Readers on YouTube

Are you looking for a deeper understanding of your life path and purpose? 

Look no further than the world of tarot and astrology. With the help of these powerful tools, you can gain valuable insights into your personality, relationships, and future prospects.

Many of you may know that I also do tarot readings on YouTube. I have many clients and viewers who speak highly of the accuracy of my readings. So please feel free to check them out for yourself. Today, however, I wanted to share a list of the top tarot readers that I turn to when I want a reading. Even though I can do readings myself, I still love getting them from others for a fresh and expanded viewpoint. I hope you enjoy the list.

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1. Pamela Georgel - The Mystic Mermaid

Pamela Georgel, also known as the Mystic Mermaid, is a psychic reader who is so brilliant and on-point that you will end up thinking she's secretly stalking you.

I first heard about Pam from a close friend who suggested her, and I have been hooked ever since. She is highly intuitive and often uses crystal balls, as well as tarot, and also sometimes suggests a crystal for the month to help you.

Due to how her messages come across, sometimes you may need to re-watch them during the month to understand them. Or, sometimes they don't make sense, but watching them back at the end of the month, it all comes together perfectly. Her intuition is extremely good at predicting things, both large and small.

2. Maren Altman

Maren Altman is an astrologer who occasionally talks about tarot, but what you really want to tune in for is her incredible insight into astrology and how the planets affect people. Her aesthetic is a mix of black and red, and she exudes a confident, boss-like energy. Maren is the star of the show and doesn't care what anyone thinks of her. She lives life on her own terms and is a true badass. I am enamored with her vibe and energy, and I love that she occasionally touches on subjects such as crypto and stocks and how they are impacted by astrology. But, most of the time, she provides a clear and straightforward overview of what's happening for your zodiac sign and offers predictions on how it will impact your life.

3. Truth Well Told Tarot

Truth Well Told Tarot is a tarot reader who provides monthly readings for each star sign. They are very relaxed and calming, with a loving vibe. They use a top-down view of their cards and provide soothing insights and predictions for the month ahead.

4. Minnow Pond Tarot

Minnow Pond Tarot is run by a tarot reader named Chris. I have been a fan of his readings for a long time. He is amazing at giving a good idea of the energy for the week ahead and any potential pitfalls. I even have an old "No Stinking Thinking" hoodie from when he used to have a merchandise shop, which I still wear when I need a reminder to snap out of it. He mostly provides monthly and weekly readings now, but they are packed full of practical advice and ways to progress forward. He is a calm, intelligent, and intuitive reader. I highly recommend checking him out.

5. Soulful Revolution

 Soulful Revolution is a tarot reader, but her readings are more focused on helping other readers and those in the spiritual community. Her readings encourage you to think outside the box and rediscover parts of yourself or new ways of thinking. Her readings are not just about prediction, but more about spiritual growth and self-discovery through introspection and questioning. The readings are calming, friendly, and often prompt deeper reflection long after they are over. If you're more interested in personal growth and self-discovery than predictions, this is the reader for you.


6. The Leo King 

The Leo King is primarily an astrologer but also incorporates tarot into his readings. Although he mostly does monthly readings and readings on major astrological events, he has also expanded his channel, website, and online TV channel to include teaching others astrology and discussing spiritual podcast topics. He even holds his own live parties, where he DJs music. He is a loud and proud Leo, with energy so hot it's like the sun itself. He often has another co-host on the show as well. At the moment, he frequently has Fixed Air Moon on his show. Fixed Air Moon is another YouTube astrologer, but he is much more calming and generally lovely and chilled out. I had my birth chart read once on a stream by Fixed Air Moon and it was amazing. Having both Leo King and Fixed Air Moon on the show helps to create a perfect balance between energy and love. Leo King brings the energy while Fixed Air Moon brings the love and chill.

7. Tyler's Tarot

This would not be a top list of YouTube tarot readers without the one and only king of tarot, Tyler's Tarot.

He might not be to everyone's taste since he is straight to the point and does not sugarcoat anything, especially when talking about your nasty ex you refuse to stop going back to. He's a mix of what would happen if you gave Jerry Springer, a tarot deck and a TLC show.

He is a brilliant reader and definitely entertaining Tyler is sure to put on a show for you that is exciting. Many old-school Tyler fans will remember him from the hotel rooms, but everyone will probably have his 'Hello, this is Tyler's Tarot in the house and I'm here to do your reading today' stuck in their head.

I had a reading from him a very, very, very long time ago on his live stream when he first moved to Vegas. He was right, the guy I was asking about was trash, but Tyler was very compassionate and loving when he gave me the bad news that the love connection I asked him to read on was not going to go as I had hoped.


8. Nicholas Ashbaugh

Nicholas Ashbaugh is a talented astrologer who seamlessly blends his knowledge of astrology and tarot to provide monthly readings for each zodiac sign. He has a calming and collected demeanour that brings a sense of tranquillity to his readings. If you're looking for a relaxing and insightful experience, Nicholas is the perfect astrologer to turn to for a unique perspective on your life journey. With his zen-like approach, he offers an exceptional combination of astrological and tarot readings.


9. Cancer Moon Tarot 

Cancer Moon Tarot has been a cherished favourite of mine for many years. I recall following the reader's journey since their early days, when they were giving readings in their basement with a white fan as their backdrop. Over time, their channel has gained immense popularity, but despite their youth, their wisdom and insight is deep and mature beyond their years. I find comfort in their wise and fun sayings like "Rejection is God's protection Baby". Their readings are always filled with love, compassion, and a sense of healing, like a warm hug in a tarot reading. 


10. Soul Whispers Tarot

Soul Whispers Tarot mostly provides monthly tarot readings and "pick a card" tarot. But I honestly feel that her "pick a card" tarot readings are the star of her channel. She goes very in-depth in explaining the other party's feelings and thoughts at the moment and the current situation.


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