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I'm Jennifer I'm from the UK and I do tarot reading and psychic readings online. My Spiritual name or craft name is Violetann. So I use Violetann Tarot online due to it being closer to my spiritual self

I'm a British tarot reader and I reading intuitively. I've read tarot since it was 8 years old but I've read professional since 2019. I'm a pagan witch from England and I use my psychic and medium gifts to help my clients.

I had my first spiritual experience when I was 4 years old when my big brother visited me as a spirit. Over the years he taught me as a spirit guide about connecting with spirit through mediumship and divination tools such as tarot.

I got my first tarot deck when I was 8 years old and started reading for family and friends. I was encouraged by my mom and other family members who also had had experiences with ghosts and spirits to read for more people outside of people I knew.

so I started giving messages from spirit using tarot for as many new people as I could find.

I choose to start reading professional 2019 on YouTube so that I could reach people all over the world. after that I started online on other social media such as Tiktok and twitter

I enjoy attending meditation, yoga and mediumship classes weekly to help me expand my gifts to help more people.

In my witchcraft practice I learn how to control and experience the flow of the spiritual energy within us and the natural world.

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