Unlock Your Psychic Potential: Insider Secrets from Professional Tarot Readers | Spilling the Tea

Unlock Your Psychic Potential: Insider Secrets from Professional Tarot Readers | Spilling the Tea

Are you ready to become a professional tarot card reader?

Look no further! "Spilling the Tea: Insider Secrets on Being a Professional Psychic Tarot Reader" is the ultimate guide for those looking to master the tarot and unlock their psychic potential.

Tips and Tricks to become a successful psychic tarot card reader

In this must-watch video, host Violetann Tarot shares her experiences, tips, and tricks for becoming a successful psychic or tarot reader. Joining her is 3rd Eyed Lion Cosmic Librarian, a fellow professional psychic and tarot reader, who shares their own insights on navigating the industry. Together, they "spill the tea" on the insider secrets of being a professional psychic tarot reader.

Todays Topics:

  • 00:00 Insider Secrets from Professional Tarot readers
  • 03:15 why will a tarot reader refuse to do my questions
  • 05:42 Pregnancy Tarot Readings
  • 08:47 Pressured into doing a psychic reading
  • 11:40 Scam Tarot Clients
  • 15:15 Abusive Tarot Clients
  • 17:20 Why are Psychic Readings Addictive?
  • 21:07 Weird Spirit Messages
  • 23:53 Fake Psychics and Fake Tarot Readers
  • 26:20 Why am I not a famous tarot reader yet?
  • 30:02 Why is doing Tarot Draining my energy
  • 31:59 Different forms of divination
  • 35:12 secret most people don't understand about tarot
  • 35:24 Are tarot readers scammers?
  • 36:26 Dealing with Trolls on your Tarot readings
  • 38:57 Being told to give up on my tarot channel
  • 39:35 Is Tarot a easy way to make money online?
  • 41:11 Setting Goals for a Professional Psychic Tarot Reader
  • 44:30 Going from a Hobby to a Business as a Tarot reader
  • 46:39 How much to charge for a tarot reading?
  • 47:07 Getting Repeat Questions from Clients
  • 49:34 Choosing the best tarot question to ask
  • 50:29 Why is a Tarot Reading so expensive?
  • 52:08 Psychic Hotlines Vs Your Own Shop
  • 53:30 Alternative ways to sell psychic Readings
  • 55:37 Should you be a professional Psychic Tarot reader?

Struggles facing a professional reader

From discussing the challenges and struggles faced as a professional reader, to sharing advice on building a successful business, this video has it all. Whether you're just starting out on your journey as a psychic or tarot reader or you're a seasoned pro looking to take your skills to the next level, this video is for you. So grab a cup of tea, and join us as we dive deep into the world of spirituality, divination, and self-discovery.

How to become a professional tarot card reader

But that's not all! As a professional psychic and tarot reader, Violetann Tarot also offers psychic training lessons to help you master the tarot and unlock your psychic potential. So, not only can you gain valuable insights from watching the "Spilling the Tea" video, but you can also take the next step in your journey by participating in one of Violetann's training lessons.

So, don't wait any longer, watch the "Spilling the Tea" video now and subscribe to the "Violetann Tarot" Youtube channel to stay updated on all things tarot and psychic.

And for those ready to take the next step, visit Violetann Tarot's website for more information on her psychic training lessons.

Your journey to becoming a professional tarot card reader starts now!

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